What happens if Porter cancels a flight?

A Detailed Guide on Porter Airlines Cancels a Flight

Porter Airlines is a well-established Regional airline that operates varied scheduled passenger flights to different locations. You can find international and domestic passenger flights and fly at an affordable airfare price with Porter Airlines.

If you have an existing Porter Airlines flight booking or reservation and your tickets were canceled by Porter, the only thought that comes to your mind is, what to do if Porter cancels your flight? The points mentioned below will help you cover all the basic information important for a passenger related to canceling a flight.

If In Case Your Porter Flight Tickets are Canceled:

If your existing flight tickets are canceled, our team will work hard to ensure that you get an alternative and reach your destination as per the scheduled arrival. If the situation is out of our hands or we cannot change the end game, we will try to provide guaranteed assistance and bring the inconvenience level to a minimum.

Porter Services to be Provided When Canceling a Flight:

We will keep you updated and provide genuine and authentic information to all passengers;

  • We will provide the updated information within 30 minutes of receiving the notification.
  • It will display all the updated information on our official website, airport premises, and the boarding display for all the Porter flights.
  • The moment we receive the notification, if you booked your Porter flight tickets via our official website or by calling our reservations number, it would send an autonomous message to your registered platform within 30 minutes.
  • If your registered mobile number is added to our portal, you’ll receive an SMS regarding cancellations.
  • If your registered email address is added to our portal, you’ll receive an official email regarding any possible cancellation.

Post Porter Cancels a Flight Scenario:

If your Porter flight got delayed and you are worried about the post-cancellation procedure, the following will significantly help you;

  • We’ll instantly rebook you on our next available Porter flight ticket.
  • If you can no longer serve the purpose of your flight tickets after your flight has been rebooked, you can claim a full refund of the original amount you paid at the time of booking your Porter flight tickets.

The mentioned points will be considered if your Porter flight was delayed for more than 3 hours.

Additional Services in Case of Porter Flight Delays:

You can get the below mentioned additional services if your Porter flight gets delayed and you are rebooked for the next available Porter flight;

  • Meal vouchers will be provided to you that you can use at the airport restaurants. The amount of the meal voucher will depend on the flight delay. If meal vouchers aren’t available, we will provide reimbursement for the same.
  • We will provide hotel accommodation and the cost of travel to the accommodation place. We won’t charge a single penny for this service if the delay causes you to stay the night.

Therefore, we will provide all the services listed to the passengers if their scheduled flight gets delayed more than the original departure time. If the delay is caused by something, not in the hands of the Porter Airlines management, the services above will not be provided.

Things you’ll have to do on your own

You’ll have to ensure that you go through all the below-listed details so that we can help you at the time of inconvenience;

  • Provide correct and authentic contact information when booking your Porter flight tickets through our official website or by calling our reservations number.
  • Regularly check our website and the ‘Flight Status’ section to check the status of your existing Porter Airlines flight tickets to avoid last-minute inconvenience.
  • Ensure that your registered platforms are working and you have complete access to check any updates or notifications you receive related to your flight tickets.

If your Porter flight is delayed for more than 3 hours, you can choose any of the below-listed options;

  • Travel on a rebooked Porter flight to your destination on the same day.
  • Choose an alternative flight on a different date/day.
  • Claim your refund if your flight ticket was canceled and the team of Porter Airlines could have managed the situation.

Therefore, the situation if Porter cancels a flight can be managed if you go through all the above-listed points and follow them accordingly.