How do I get a refund from Aeromexico?

Flight journey is not fun all the time as passengers often need to cancel their Aeromexico flight and request a refund due to unforeseen conditions. After paying a considerable amount for flight booking, it can be painful and hectic to request a refund after canceling the flight. That's why the Aeromexico refund request is convenient, as you can do it in several ways, as brought up in the below section for your convenience.

Can I get a refund on Aeromexico?

Dial the refund phone number 1 (800) 237-6639/1-805-410-9066, provide your booking details and request a refund, or fill out the refund form through the Aeromexico website. If you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of booking you are eligible for a full refund.

Method 1: Refund Form

You can quickly request a refund online through the website by filling out an Aeromexico refund form available on their website by replicating the basic set of steps described below.

  • Firstly, open the website
  • Now, you are required to navigate the Customer support page of the website.
  • Click the Refunds option and select your country/region on the following page to open a dedicated form.
  • Fill it in with the details like name, phone, email, booking reference/code, flight number, travel date, etc., to submit it.
  • They will process the refund within 7-10 business days after verifying the details and notify you immediately through an endorsement email.

Method 2: Refund Email

Passengers can also request a refund by emailing their request to the Aeromexico refund email address at with details like phone, email, name, flight number, travel date, booking reference/ticket number, etc. They will initiate the process within 24 hours of emailing and send you an endorsement email confirming the same.

Method 3: Refund through a representative

You can also request a refund at Aeromexico by calling their customer service number at 1-800-237-6639/1-805-410-9066 in the way described below.

  • Dial the given number, and you will be supposed to pick your preferred language for communication.
  • After picking up the language, you will listen to the IVR commands and follow them carefully to pick the 4th command for Refunds.
  • They will forward your call to a specialist who will ask for a few details like name, booking code/number, travel date, etc.
  • Once you share the details, they will initiate the reimbursement process, and the amount will be credited to the source account, depending on the payment mode you used for booking the flight.

What is Aeromexico's refund policy?

You must read the Aeromexico refund policy mentioned below before requesting a refund to see the rules of the procedure applicable to your current situation and to complete the process conveniently.

  • According to the policy, you can appeal for a refund at Aeromexico if you have booked the flight through their website, call centers, or booking offices.
  • In case you have reserved the flight through a travel agent/third party, you must contact the same to request a refund.
  • You can appeal for a 100% refund if you cancel your refundable fare at Aeromexico within 24 hours of reservation and seven days before the travel date.
  • Appropriate cancellation charges will be applicable if you are willing to cancel your refundable ticket after 24 hours of reservation, and the remaining amount is refundable.
  • If you want to cancel your non-refundable fare within 24 hours of reservation and seven days before the date of travel, then you are eligible for a Travel credit of the same amount instead of a cash refund.
  • Your entire amount will be forfeited if you want to cancel your non-refundable ticket, and you will not get any refund.
  • You are eligible for a full refund if you wish to avoid flying with Aeromexico in case of a flight delay of more than 4 hours.
  • A 100% refund will be provided if your flight gets canceled due to Operational reasons, including bad weather, a problem in the aircraft, etc.

How long does it take to get a refund from Aeromexico?

The exact time to get a refund depends on the mode you used to make a payment while booking the flight. You can also track the Aeromexico refund status through the refunds section of their website by entering your booking reference/code and last name. However, generally, the refund takes the time listed below to reflect in the source account:

  • 7- 10 business days in case the payment is made through online modes such as credit/debit cards, etc.
  • It goes up to 20 business days in case of the payments made through cash, cheque, etc.

Does Aeromexico give refunds?

Yes, Aeromexico provides refunds to passengers in case of flight cancellation and delays. If you want to request a refund at Aeromexico, then you can use the modes pointed out below.

  • Aeromexico Refund Form
  • Aeromexico Refund Email-
  • Aeromexico Refund phone number- 1-800-237-6639/ 1-805-410-9066