How do I choose my seat on Aeromexico?

Aeromexico has been operating for the last 70 to 80 years in aviation services. Fliers often need help with how to select seats in Aeromexico to make their journey comfortable. Also, all preferable seat selection on Aeromexico flight is based on some rules and regulations.

How do I select seats on Aeromexico?

To select/choose seats on Aeromexico, dial 1 (800) 237-6639/1-805-410-9066 or visit their official website or use the mobile app during the booking process. View the seat selection options and follow the prompts to select your preferred seats.

Does Aeromexico let you choose your seat?

Travelers should know about seat selection policies before choosing them for a convenient flight journey. If anyone who uses its flights has doubts regarding can you pick your seats on Aeromexico, they must pay attention to the following specific points, which define its policies in detail.

  • Eligible passengers can choose any preferable seat at Aeromexico only when the options are available or seats are unoccupied by other fliers.
  • They can choose a seat in the same or move to another higher class with some additional charges, which depends on the Cabin type.
  • All online seat selection at Aeromexico is possible only before 48 hours of actual departure time during Web Check-in services.
  • Small kids and pregnant ladies cannot choose the Aeromexico emergency exit window seats.

How do you pick seats on Aeromexico?

Travelers often need clarification about whether they can choose any flight seat. Still, most of the passengers need to learn how to choose seats on Aeromexico for comfortable air travel. However, willing fliers can select their seat at the time of booking or anytime before 48 hours of scheduled departure during web Check-in.

Use the Online proceed for seat selection during reservation:

Online process, which is the most adaptable method to get a preferred seat during reservation. However, travelers should have a good internet connection to get a suitable sitting place from Aeromexico seat map, and they stick with the following procedures to avail of this facility.

  • Passengers can visit the Aeromexico standard website
  • Now, they should fill in all essential flight details that are necessary for flight booking, such as trip types, number of travelers, date, arrival, departure, and class.
  • Now, they can see multiple flight options on the screen, but they should go with anyone as per their plan.
  • Before proceeding with the final payment, fliers can go with the seat selection option from the available seat map list.
  • Now, they should make the final payment, which also includes seat selection charges, and they will get notified regarding the confirmed air tickets in the mail.

Use the Online process to select a seat at Aeromexico after reservation:

When travelers skip the Aeromexico seat selection procedures at the time of booking, they can choose it after a confirmed ticket during web check-in prior to 48 hours of plane take-off. Moreover, they can adhere to some essential steps for successful seat selection during web Check-in.

  • Travelers can go to the Aeromexico standard website or its associated Mobile App.
  • They can tap on the “Check-in” option from the top of the menu.
  • Now, fliers should fill in details such as reservation/ticket number and last name.
  • When the flight details will appear they can now click on the seat selection option.
  • They can choose the preferred seat of their choice from the available map list.
  • Passengers should make the payment for the applicable seat selection fees to avail of it.

Moreover, all the vital information related to the Aeromexico seat selection process and policies is correct.

How much does Aeromexico charge for seat selection?

While choosing a seat at Aeromexico, travelers should have complete knowledge about the exact charges to avail preferred seat. Usually, the Aeromexico seat selection fee is $25 to $30 per seat, and the amount may vary because of the variation in the cabin class. Further, premium class and Sky Interior seats include various amenities like personalized entertainment, and extra comfort flatbed seats.