What happens if I miss my flight with Aeromexico?

Instances occur when the passenger cannot board the Aeromexico flight for many reasons, such as inability to reach the airport on time, illness, not being aware of timings, etc. This circumstance is the worst when you do not know precisely what to do. Hence, in this discussion, you will learn Aeromexico missed flight policy, ways to get a claim, when to inform the team, etc. Jot down the information that seems relevant; please have a look:

What to do if you miss your Aeromexico flight?

If you missed your Aeromexico connecting flight, dial 1 (800) 237-6639/1 (805) 410-9066 and inform them, if your issue is legitimate you will be rebooked/rescheduled to the next available flight as soon as possible.

Learn the missed flight policy of Aeromexico

The scariest nightmare for any traveler is related to missing a flight. And after that, they keep finding techniques to inform the airline about their scenarios. Hence, to avoid these issues, knowing the Aeromexico missed flight policy is crucial. You will get the highlights of multiple aspects; please have a look:

  • If you cannot get to the airline, the airline will cancel your flight ticket.
  • If you have some authentic reason for which you were unable to board the flight, the airline may book another flight.
  • Alternate bookings are subject to flight and seat availability, and some extra charges may have to be incurred.
  • If you inform the authorities before the departure, the airline may help you to board the same flight or in the later one.
  • The airline may offer travel vouchers, credits, etc. if you miss your flight.
  • For any other information, you can contact the customer assistance team directly.

Does Aeromexico offer a refund in case of missing a flight?

If you have missed your flight by any chance, the airline will not initiate a refund. However, instead of it, the airline may offer you travel credits, which you can use in the near future.

What if you are a no-show for your Aeromexico flight?

If you are a no-show for your flight, the consequences will be different. And some of them, for a better understanding, are below; delve into them and get aware yourself;

Missing a connecting flight: If you cannot board the plane, you will make Aeromexico missed connecting flight. This denotes that you will automatically miss your connecting flight.

No refund: The airline will not initiate a refund if you are a no-show at the airport for your flight.

Get vouchers for travel: The airline may give you vouchers if you miss your flight for some valid reasons.

Inform the agent: The primary thing you must do is inform the executive about your situation. The agents may provide you with another flight if available.

Difference between “no show” and “cancellation”

There is a slight difference between both, no show and cancellation. In case of cancellation, you or the airline itself cancel a flight with a plan, but the “No show” reflects that you cannot board the plane on time.

What are the rebooking charges on Aeromexico?

The charges on Aeromexico begin around $75 and can go up to $400. However, this depends on the flight or the class you prefer. The cost may also vary from time to time.

Hence, taking a special note of your flight timings and being at the airport on time is recommended. If you feel like you cannot board the plane, inform the agent of Aeromexico by making a call to their helpline number.