Royal Jordanian Manage Booking

The Royal Jordanian Airlines website has very advanced features for managing a passenger’s booking. The Royal Jordanian Airlines website has been designed specifically to make the booking and management of the booking experience of the passengers as smooth and as simple as possible with the Royal Jordanian manage my booking tool.

The way the airlines do this is by providing a very sleek and intuitive interface through which passengers can carry out a diverse variety of functions on the reservations and bookings they have made with the airlines.

They can change or cancel their flights, add extra meals, add extra baggage, change the date, name, and time of flight, add new passengers to the flight, check-in to their reserved flights even before reaching the airport, apply for priority check-in, and even specify which seats they want to be seated on during the flight and select specific upgrades for them.

Royal Jordanian Manage Your Booking:

  • The first step which you have to take is to visit the official Royal Jordanian Airlines website through a fast and efficient web browser and laptop or mobile device which will be able to run the resource-intensive website.
  • Then you have to select the Royal Jordanian manage your booking option on the upper right corner of the website and then fill in your login details in the form. This is the specially designed Royal Jordanian manage booking tool.
  • Then you have to provide the booking reference number and the booking ID of the reservation you made with Royal Jordanian Airlines so that they can identify and locate your reservation.
  • Then you will have to provide the first and last name of the passenger under whose name the booking or reservation has been made.

Then you will have to choose one of the following options-

  • Change or cancel the flight
  • Add extra meal
  • Add extra baggage
  • Change date, name, or time of flight
  • Add passengers
  • Check-in
  • Apply for priority check-in
  • Seat selection or upgrade

Then you will have to follow the on-screen instructions which will tell you how to make the desired changes and then you will have to click the Confirm changes button at the bottom of the page.

Then you will be taken to the payment portal of the website through which you will be able to make the payment for the desired changes. This will complete the Royal Jordanian manage booking online procedure.

Change the Itinerary of Booked Flights:

Royal Jordanian provides the option to change the itinerary of booked flights through its Royal Jordanian Airlines manage my booking option. The way to do this is by providing the booking reference number and booking ID of your booked or reserved flight and also choose the new seat type and flight type which you prefer.

After that, the Royal Jordanian website will prompt you to pay the difference in the fares of the changed itineraries.