Is EVA Air Flying to the USA?

Yes, EVA Air provides its scheduled flight services to the USA, and one can easily travel to their preferred destination in the USA. Since pandemic conditions got better, EVA Air has started to fly to varied routes worldwide, including the USA. There is a list of destinations covered by EVA Air when flying to the USA, and you can check your route at the official website. If you are confused about is EVA Air still flying to the USA and what could be the terms before entering or traveling in the USA, then you can follow the below instructions:

Things to Remember Before Traveling to the USA with EVA Air:

  • All the passengers must wear a face mask and carry a sanitizer during the travel to the USA with Eva Air.
  • One will have to show the negative Covid report on arrival at the airport before boarding or USA. This report should not be older than 3 days or 72 hours from the travel or your flight's scheduled departure.
  • A passenger's name must be the same as mentioned on the ticket and passport while traveling; otherwise, boarding of that passenger will be denied as per the travel policy.

Where Does EVA Air Fly in the US?

EVA Air fly to more than 60+ destinations in the US to quickly book your flight ticket. But before you book your flight with the US, you should be aware of the places in the US where EVA Air offers its flight services. If you don’t know where does Eva Air fly in the US, then you can go through the mentioned information that can help you to book a flight to the US.

Major Cities Where EVA Air Fly in the US

There is a long list of destinations in the US where Eva Air flies from the different parts of the world, and some of the major cities are given below:

  • Las Vegas
  • Seattle
  • Chicago
  • Washington, DC
  • Los Angeles

Tips to Get Low-cost EVA Air Flights to the US:

Book your flight in advance: It is always the best idea to book your Eva Air flights to the US three to four weeks in advance when you can get some affordable deals to the varied US destinations from all over the world.

Join Loyalty Program:

You can also join the Infinity MileageLands program Eva Air offers to its travelers, where you can get lots of deals and offers. You can also get the best price flights to the US within your travel budget if you are a member of this loyalty program.

Compare Prices:

You can make your flight search on more than one website along with the official Eva Air website and then compare the prices. You can easily pick the low-cost flights to reach the US as per your need.

Contact Eva Air:

You can directly contact Eva Air using any preferred communication mode and get immediate assistance on every single query related to Eva Air, whether it’s booking or destinations. The customer service team at Eva Air will quickly resolve your questions whenever you contact them.