How do I Select my Seat on EVA Air?

How to Choose a Seat on an EVA Air and How Much Does It Cost to Select Seats?

Suppose you are boarding your favorite flight that offers all the required benefits. In such a situation, you will look forward to getting your favorite seat on board. You can select your desired seat effortlessly on EVA Air. Now, you will think about how to select a seat on Eva Air, where you have to perform some basic steps. The steps will redirect you to choose your seat easily by providing you all the necessary benefits.

Steps to Select Your Desired Seat on EVA Air

If you are booking your flight ticket on EVA Air, the next thing you will think about is your favorite seat. EVA Air provides you the benefit of selecting your seat. The Eva Air seat selection is beneficial for the passengers who want to enjoy their journey on their favorite seat. Now, check out the most manageable steps to select your seat at EVA Air.

EVA Air Seat Selection:

  • The initial step is to launch the official web page of EVA Air on your chosen web browser.
  • Hit the "Manage" option and proceed forward to the next step.
  • Under this option, go to the "Manage Your Trip" option.
  • The first option is "Seat Selection", which you need to click.
  • Now, you have to log in to your EVA Air account, or you can enter your Booking Reference/Ticket Number/EMD Number, Last / Family Name, First / Given + middle name if applicable, and verification code.
  • After that, click on the "Login" option.
  • You will move to another page where you can effortlessly select your favorite seat.

How Much Does It Cost to Select Seats on EVA Air?

The very first question that will arise in your mind after selecting your desired seat on EVA Air is the amount of seat selection. The Eva Air seat selection fee is not huge. You have to pay some amount, and after that, you can effortlessly select your seat. However, before knowing the costs, you should know about the crucial points that EVA Air proposed for its passengers to choose the seat. Have a look.

  • You can select your seat until 12 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure.
  • The seat selection of EVA Air is valid only for international flights operated by EVA Air/UNI Air. It does not include codeshare on other airlines.
  • EVA Air has the right to assign your seat or relocate your seat at any time. Also, EVA Air follows this right due to operational requirements or safety reasons.

Now, look at the Eva Air seat selection charge, which will surely help you at the time of selecting your seat.

How much does EVA Air charge for seat selection?

EVA Air is normally charging Standard Seats from $10 to $30, Preferred/Forward Seats from $20 to $50, and Extra Legroom Seats from $45 to $150.

EVA Air Seat Selection Fee:

  • For Economy Class Standard Seats, the short-haul price is $15, and for the long haul, it is $40.
  • For Economy Class Preferred Seats, the short-haul fee is $20, and for the long haul, it is $50.
  • For Economy Class Extra Legroom Seats, the short-haul fee is $50, and for the long haul, it is $160.

Therefore, these are some additional amounts that you have to pay when selecting your desired seat on EVA Air. Now, you must be clear about how much does it cost to select seats on Eva Air, whose answer is provided on this page. Please go through it and book your seat accordingly.