How do I get my money back from Volaris?

You were unsure about your plans, canceled your reservation, and didn't know how to get a refund on Volaris. Then you have landed on the right page; while browsing here, you will find the answer to your question. The refund process of Volaris Airlines is very simple and easy. To know about it in detail, read the steps given below.

Can I get my money back from Volaris?

Yes, just dial refund phone numbers 1-866-988-3527, 1-805-410-9066 (US) 1102-8000 (Mexico City), 01-800-122-8000 (toll-free) and get a refund by informing Volaris within 24 hours of ticket purchase.

Steps to Get a Refund from Volaris:

  • Install the application of Volaris Airlines on your device and sign in to the account through which you have made the reservation.
  • Then navigate to "My trips" and look for the reservation you want to cancel and select it.
  • After that, check whether you are eligible to cancel the ticket or not. If yes, then click on cancel.
  • Choose the reason for cancellation from the list; if the reason is not mentioned there, write down your reason.
  • Proceed forward to fill out the refund request, and submit the form.

After submitting the form, your ticket is canceled, and you have applied for a refund. You can check the refund status online in my trips section only.

Volaris Refund Policy

Volaris has set up policies for refunds. A passenger needs to know about the Volaris refund policy before applying for a refund from the airline. You can learn about these policies here.

Volaris Flight Refund Policy:

  • For cancellation of a refundable ticket, a passenger will receive a full refund.
  • For a non-refundable ticket, passengers will not receive a ticket refund, but they can get a refund for government taxes.
  • A passenger can cancel the ticket within 24 hours to avail of the refund of the amount for a non-refundable ticket.
  • A passenger can apply for a refund from online and offline mode.
  • It is very important to fill out the refund request form within 24 hours of ticket cancellation.
  • The refund for the canceled ticket will be processed in the original mode of transaction or travel voucher.
  • If you booked the flight ticket through any travel agency, you would have to contact the agency for a refund.

Volaris Refund Request

It is very important to fill out the Volaris refund request form within 24 hours. You are allowed to fill out this form through various methods. You can read about these ways by reading the steps and instructions given below.

Requesting a Refund Online:

  • You first have to open the airline's homepage to fill out the refund form online.
  • Go to "My Bookings" and fill in the fields with the booking reference number and the passenger's last name.
  • Open the ticket and click on "Cancel". After canceling the ticket, please fill out the refund request form and submit it.
  • Lastly, check the message on the registered mobile number for confirmation.

Requesting a Refund via Phone Call:

You can dial Volaris refund phone number 1102-8000 (Mexico City), 01-800-122-8000 (Toll-Free), 1 (866) 988-3527, 1-805-410-9066 (US), cancel the reservation, and get a refund. You will have to go to the airline's official website, visit the contact page, dial the given number, and then press 2 to cancel the booking. After that, press 1 to claim the refund. Lastly, press # to talk to a customer service executive of the airline. A porter will cancel the ticket and place a request for your refund.

Request a Refund at the Airport:

You can directly visit the airport and visit the reservation department. After reaching there, share the booking ID number and passenger's name And fill out the refund form to claim the refund. Opt for it in a travel voucher to get an immediate refund.

How long does it take for Volaris to refund?

After applying for the refund, you must be thinking "how long does Volaris take to refund?" Volaris will take at least 7 to 20 working days to process the refund in the original mode of transaction. If you want an instant refund to make a new reservation, you can choose the voucher option to get the refund while filling out the form.

Does Volaris give you a refund?

If you are wondering, Can I get my refund from Volaris for a canceled ticket? The answer is yes. Under the refund policy of the airlines, if the passenger has canceled the ticket within the given time, the airlines will provide them with a refund of the full amount. If a flight is delayed or airlines have to cancel the ticket due to technical reasons, airlines also provide a refund. It happens very rarely, and when airlines cancel the ticket because of some technical reason, you are allowed to claim a refund from the airline.

Are Volaris tickets refundable?

If you are unsure about your travel plan and want to know, "Does Volaris offer refunds". Of course, it does; like the rest of the airlines, you can purchase a refundable ticket. This ticket allows you to cancel the ticket without paying any cancellation fees. Or you cancel the booking within 24 hours and avail full refund from the airline.