How do I check-in for my Air Canada flight?

Air Canada is famously known for being a huge airline that can be measured by the fleet and it can help you in traveling from one path to somewhere place. In addition, its services can also help travelers to make the journey with the best comfort and with proper facilities. So, if you have planned to travel with this airline to get the best services but find the ways of Air Canada check-in online now, here you will get the ways of check-in with the Air Canada flight that will help you in check-in step by stepwise. However, for that, you must read the following content that is present here. In addition, with that, you must follow the steps that are mentioned below.

Modes of Check-in with Air Canada Flight

So, here are the modes of check-in with Air Canada flight from which you can easily do your check-in with the airline to take the flight. So, you can do your check-in by web check-in, mobile check-in, and check-in via the airport.

Steps of Air Canada Flight Check-in Online

You must follow the steps to do the Air Canada web check in that is must do while check-in:

  • Firstly, go to Air Canada on the web.
  • In addition, after that, you will see the “check-in” column. So, tap on it.
  • Then, it is required to fill the name both last and first, reaching city, Air Canada PNR no./ booking no./ reference number.
  • Thereafter, you will see the knob of check-in, click on it.
  • Re-check your entered information and after that, complete your seat and baggage allowance and selection.
  • Then, you must print your boarding pass.
  • And after that, the airline will send you the confirmation of it on your device.

Nowhere, you can also do your check-in with another mode and you can see the steps of Air Canada Flight mobile check-in by sitting at your home. However, for that, you must follow these steps.

Mobile Check-in with Air Canada Flight Steps

For mobile check-in at Air Canada, you must follow these steps are:

  • For check-in via mobile, you must download the Air Canada mobile app.
  • After that, you must go by tapping the button “check-in”.
  • Fill out the details of first and last name, departure city, and after that, you have to enter the reference number or airplane number/ flight number.
  • Choose the number of travelers for check-in.
  • Then, it is essential to make changes in seat selection if you can’t choose your flight yet or fill in the number of bags that you have at that time.
  • Get the e-boarding pass of Air Canada by mentioning your official mail and phone number.
  • And you will get your electronic boarding pass from the airline after check-in completion.
  • After that Air Canada can send you the confirmation of the Mobile check-in on your registered device.

Air Canada Flight Check-in via Airport

Moreover, if you don’t want to do check-in via virtual or phone or you are facing such issues while check-in, there has another option from which you can easily make or complete your check-in via the Airport method. However, for that, you must go to the Air Canada airport and meet with the customer care person>>> then, ask for check-in>>>Air Canada help desk want such reference number and name for accessing your account>>> the airline can give you the chart of seat selection while check-in>>>after that, the airline will give you the boarding pass after the completion of the process of Air Canada.

Hence, with these Check-in methods, you will easily complete your check-in and make your trip with comfiness. However, when you do the check-in, it is a must to read or go through the Air Canada check-in policy to don’t make mistakes during check-in. In addition, it can help you in knowing about the travel person. So, for that, you must know about it and follow the policy.

Air Canada Check-in Policy

So, here is the Air Canada check-in policy that is mentioned below. So, to do check-in you must follow the Air Canada check-in policy;

  • According to the Air Canada check-in policy, you must do the check-in 24 hours before the flight departing time or 12 hours before the departure of the time.
  • In addition, the airlines allow check-in as long as before the flight time is 120 minutes for domestic or national fights to 30 minutes and on the other hand, it will take international flights to check-in 180 minutes of 45 minutes of the departure of the flight of Air Canada.
  • Air Canada Airways can allow only 32 kg and 292 cm of Air Canada check-in baggage. However, if the baggage weight can cross the limit or is overloaded, airlines can’t allow it while traveling and you have to give the extra money for it.
  • Moreover, the airlines allow only 9 members in one ticket, not more than 9 members in one ticket. However, if you are a group of 27 members, you can do your check-in 3 times.
  • Air Canada can take any fare while Check-in can only take charges for extra items.
  • Therefore, if you book your flight and can’t do your check-in, the airways can give you a seat from available seats. However, on the other hand, if you have seat but you want to upgrade it, you have to pay the charges for the up-gradation of the tickets.

When can I check in with Air Canada?

You can do your check-in with Air Canada in such destinations as in between Canada, you will make your check-in Air Canada check-in times in 120 minutes, and from a US flight, you can do your check-in in 120 minutes, and you will do your check-in with Air Canada internationally, you can be done your check-in in 180 minutes.

How early can you check in for Air Canada?

In addition, you can check-in at Air Canada as early as;

  • You can do your check-in within 24 hours of a day of the flight time of the Air Canada.
  • In addition, you can also do your check-in within 12 hours of a flight time when you complete your check-in by Kiosk.

Is it mandatory to check-in online for Air Canada?

Yes, it is mandatory to check in online for Air Canada during a pandemic because it is mentioned in the Air Canada check-in covid policy. However, checking in with Air Canada before the pandemic was not mandatory. In addition, it is necessary to do check-in because if you can’t do your check-in, your boarding pass can’t be generated, and you can’t get a boarding pass. Also, for this reason, you can’t take the flight, or you can’t be eligible to fly the airplane of Air Canada. So, if you do check-in online, it will offer you to choose the seat as per your desire, but if you complete your check-in on the same day of the flight, you will take your seats from the available seats. So, it is good to complete your check-in virtually at Air Canada.

Why can I not check in with Air Canada?

Moreover, you can’t check in with Air Canada due to;

  • The services are not available when you fly out of the Air Canada Airlines.
  • When you are flying with another airline flight.
  • If you book an airline’s flight ticket for more than 9 travelers, the Air Canada can’t allow you to check-in.” with Air Canada Airlines.

How to cancel check-in for Air Canada?

However, if you want to cancel your check-in for Air Canada, you must follow the steps that are mentioned below that are:

  • Locate the web portal of
  • Then, you must go for the manage my trip.
  • Now, enter all details that are required to mention it by entering your name and booking ID.
  • In addition, after that, select the flight.
  • So, Cancel your check-in at Air Canada easily.
  • However, Air Canada will send you the confirmation on your registered valid mail and on your phone number.

Hence, by these ways of Check-in at Air Canada, you can easily fly with Air Canada. However, if you face issues still, you can also call the Air Canada check-in phone number at 1-888-422-7533 (Canada and US). In addition, the airline can help you in fixing all the issues that can be faced by the customer. Also, the airline person will always be available for you 24/7 to solve the issues of the users. In addition, with that, you can easily talk to the person by mail, live chat, and on social media also.