Can I change the date of the flight with KLM?

Yes, passengers can easily change their flight date on KLM Airlines. If passengers want to have any details regarding KLM change flight date or are not aware of the process, they can follow the steps those are mentioned below.

Here are some easy ways that any traveler can go through and change their KLM flight ticket dates according to their future plans.

Follow the points to make changes to the KLM flight date:

  • Open the official site of KLM Airlines, and press on the ‘Manage Booking’ option.
  • Enter all the PNR credentials on the dashboard. The list will appear on the new screen.
  • Passengers have to choose the ‘flight change’ option from the section. After which details of the flight tickets will appear on the screen.
  • Click on the ‘change date’ section. Enter the date when you have to travel. And click on the change button.
  • Once the flight tickets are changed by the airline, the confirmation message will be sent to you with the e-tickets.

KLM Change Policy

If passengers are willing to make changes to their flight tickets, they need to be clear about the terms and policies of KLM Airlines. There are a few KLM change flight policy that is mandatory for the passengers to remember to avoid mistakes.

The policies are as follows:

  • To make changes on the flight tickets for free of cost, do it within 24 hours of booking.
  • After a 24-hour reservation, there will be some fee for changing the date on KLM Airlines.
  • The charges are dependent upon the type of flight tickets passengers have reserved for their journey.
  • The changes can be made within five to six hours of the flight departure timing.
  • The flight tickets cannot be transferred to any other passenger's name.
  • If passengers have a no-show-up case, they will have to pay the charges for changing.
  • The royalty program member is allowed to change their flight tickets for free costs.

How much does it cost to change flight with KLM?

Once passengers have decided that they want to change their flight tickets and want to know about the KLM change flight fee, then they have to be aware of what costs KLM Airlines charges to their passengers for the flight date change. Generally, the cost of changing flight dates starts from $30 and can be exceeded by $75 respectively with the class of flight tickets.

How many times can I change my KLM flight?

To know how many times there can be a KLM change flight, then passengers who are holding the light or standard flight tickets can make the changes three times, and that too within 48 hours before the scheduled timing of the airline. These changes can be made free of cost by the airline. After the three attempts to change the flight tickets, the airline will charge fees for the flight changing process.

How long before can I change my KLM flight?

Sometimes travelers also need guidance from the airline to know how long before they can make the changes to their flight tickets. Basically, the changes can be done within 24 hours of the booking, that too for free of any changing fees. The changes can be made five to six hours before the departure time of the KLM flight.

Can I change my return ticket on KLM?

Yes, passengers can make the changes on their return flight tickets. For those passengers who cannot make changes, they can follow the online process those are mentioned in the below section;

  • Go to the official ‘Manage Booking’ page of KLM.
  • Enter the PNR credentials of the return flight tickets that you need to change.
  • Go to the change flight tickets option. After that details of the flight tickets will be shown.
  • Make the changes according to your return planning.
  • Enter the change button, and your flights will get changed by the airline.
  • You will get the notification accordingly on your email address.

Can I reschedule my KLM flight?

Yes, travelers who want to reschedule their flight tickets can easily change their flight tickets on KLM Airlines according to their policy through KLM change flight phone number or online using the My Bookings option on the official website. You can perform the rescheduled flight process within 24 hours of the scheduled departure.

Can I change the name on my KLM ticket?

Yes, passengers can change the name on their KLM ticket by calling the airline's contact number. You can change the name on the flight ticket through the online process. Passengers can only change three characters of their name on their flight tickets. The steps are given in the below section:

  • Open the ‘Manage Booking’ section on the official website of KLM.
  • Next, enter the information about the tickets. A new screen will show up.
  • Press on ‘change flight tickets,’ and details of the flight tickets will be given on the screen.
  • Make the changes to the name of the flight tickets, and click on the ‘change button’.
  • The confirmation mail of the changes made in the flight name will be sent to the travelers.
  • Travel agents can also help out the travelers to make the changes to their name according to the policies of the change flight name of KLM Airlines.

How much does it cost to change the name on KLM?

There are a few charges that every passenger has to pay when they are changing their flight tickets. The same is with KLM Airlines; passengers have to pay the KLM name change fee, which will rely on what type of flight tickets travelers have reserved. The flight name fees are started from $ 75 and can increase for the business, or first class flight tickets are $100.