How Many KGs of Baggage is Allowed in Ethiopian Airlines?

If you are flying towards your next destination with Ethiopian Airlines, then make sure the check for the baggage rules and restrictions. Ethiopian Airlines is a major air flag carrier of Ethiopia, Africa, with operations in many different parts of the world. Please read on further to know about the Ethiopian Airlines extra baggage charges per kg, baggage allowance, policy, etc., of this particular airline in detail.

How Many Kilos Does Ethiopian Airline Allow?

The baggage allowance in Ethiopian Airlines differs as per your ticket type, condition, and rules of baggage policy. Passengers can refer to the given information below to get an idea of the free baggage allowance on their tickets by the airline.

What is the Maximum Baggage Weight for Ethiopian Airlines?

Let's Know How Many KGs of Baggage is Allowed on Ethiopian Airlines:

  • Passengers traveling with Ethiopian Airlines in an economy class can carry on luggage of not more than 7 kg in hand on board.
  • Passengers who are traveling in the Business cabin can carry two carry-on baggage on board, each weighing 7 kg each.
  • Economy class passengers can carry two check-in baggage, each weighing 23 kg, and they have to pay extra charges if the limit exceeds.
  • Passengers flying in business class can carry two baggage of 32 kg each as per the policy of Ethiopian Airlines. However, in some cases, passengers can carry up to 3 baggage as well if their reservation allows for it, but the weight should not exceed more than 23 kg per bag.
  • However, all the extra baggage fee is calculated based on pieces, weight, and the route of your reservation with Ethiopian Airlines.

How Much is Extra KG in Ethiopian Airlines?

If you are an economy class ticket holder, then any check-in luggage that exceeds 23 kg per bag will be counted as a piece of extra baggage, and you have to pay for it. If you are traveling with a business cabin, then the baggage allowance is 32 kg for each bag, and if the limit exceeds, you have to pay extra for it as per your ticket type.

The carry-on baggage limit should be 7 kg per bag for the economy class passengers and 7 kg for two bags each for the business class passengers.

How Much Does Extra Baggage Cost Per KG for Ethiopian Airlines?

As per the baggage policy of Ethiopian Airlines, passengers must carry the allowed free baggage on board, and if the weight and pieces of your luggage exceed, then the following fee will be charged:

  • USD 60 is applicable for the passengers traveling in the Economy cabin for the extra baggage if the limit exceeds 23 kg, two bags, and the luggage's dimension.
  • However, all the charges are subject to the airline's policy, itinerary, route, cabin, ticket type, etc.
  • USD 200 is applied on the baggage that exceeds 23 kg on the sectors between Addis Ababa to Washington D.C., Newark, New York, and Chicago or vice versa.

To sum up, this was all the information regarding the baggage allowed on Ethiopian Airlines. Moreover, you can contact the Ethiopian Airlines customer service team through call, chat, email to get further help.