How long does it take for booking com to respond?

Suppose you plan to book a holiday package with and require information according to the travel itinerary or if the booking has already been made. Still, you want to clear a few doubts; the first query would be about the booking com response time, which will make it easy for you to communicate through appropriate means with customer support of booking com.

How long does it take for booking com to respond? You can call the 24/7 phone number 1 (888) 850-3958 / 1-805-410-9066 or send a message to the agent and they will reply as soon as possible.

The response time from booking com differs according to the mode of connection, as explained below-

On call: If you get in touch with the customer support of booking com on the phone, it will take around 8 to 10 minutes maximum for a response. Prefer calling customer support for instant response at 1 (888) 850-3958. Booking com customer service works 24/7 to assist customers with their issues and queries. After calling, you can easily speak to a customer service representative regarding the queries.

Send a message: If you reach the official webpage of booking com, on the contact page, you can find a send a message tab, either sign in to your account or otherwise send a message on the concerns to get a reply from booking com in a very short time. With the message, you can skip the waiting time of a call and connect conveniently multiple times with customer support.

On email: In case you cannot find the booking details in your mail, you can request booking com to resend the booking confirmations. Customer support will provide you with the full details as soon as they receive the request. Try the easy process-

  • Go to the official website
  • Reach the contact us page
  • Click on resend confirmation mail
  • Get the entire booking detail within a few minutes on your email id.

Therefore the booking com response time will be significantly less if you make an account and sign in with the email id and password to connect with customer support through the above-described means.