Do I need a PCR test on Qatar Airways?

Yes, if you are planning to visit your favorite destination via Qatar Airways, you must provide a negative COVID-19 PCR medical report to the airline during check-in at the airport.

It is mandatory to maintain the safety of the passengers, and the airline takes full responsibility for taking care of its customers. So, according to airline COVID policies, passengers must also obey the rules set up by them.

It is essential to understand the individual responsibility to stop the pandemic from spreading.

These traveling requirements must be noted before visiting the airport to avoid any last-minute hassle.

Also, passengers must check different COVID-related guidelines set by different countries. This can be done by checking the information that is published by the government of your traveling destination.

There are airlines that do not have any restrictions imposed for COVID tests, which makes passengers confused, and they wonder, “Does Qatar Airways require a Covid test?” So if you want to board Qatar Airways, you should refer to the official website of Qatar Airways to get a clear idea about the rules and regulations.

Does Qatar Airways require a COVID test?

Yes, Qatar Airways requires a negative RT-PCR test, which is done and issued 96 hours prior to flight departure, to all passengers on charter flights.

Is a COVID test required to fly Qatar Airways?

Yes, it is obligatory to hand over the COVID test results at the airport if you are traveling with Qatar Airways. However, passengers can take tests at any approved hospital.

Passengers who are traveling to the USA via Qatar Airways must also fill out the online Massachusetts Travel Form before arriving at the airport. Also, they need to obey quarantine law; that is, they need to quarantine themselves for 14 days. According to Qatar Airways PCR test 72 hours passengers arriving must provide COVID negative test report that is tested 72 hours before arriving at the airport to fly with Qatar Airways.

Which COVID test is accepted by Qatar Airways?

All the major airlines have maintained different regulations for passengers traveling during the pandemic. There are certain Qatar Airways covid-19 test requirements that must be obeyed by the passengers to travel to any destination with the airline, which includes:

  • If your flight originates from Nepal, India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, or Vietnam must provide COVID-19 PCR test reports done before 48 hours of departure.
  • If someone arrives in Qatar from any location, they must have PCR test reports even though the candidates have taken vaccine shots or developed an immunity against the infection.
  • They need to again take a COVID-19 PCR test in hotel quarantine after one day of arriving at the place.
  • They must remain in quarantine for 10 to 14 days according to the requirements.

Any passenger who does not obey the above-mentioned guidelines will not be allowed to board Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways has also maintained a partnership with many hospitals for COVID testing, and these hospitals offer a great discount to travelers visiting by this airline. When Qatar customers reach the hospital and show their air tickets at the counter then, their testing is done at a discounted price. You can check the official website to get a complete list of hospitals in partnership with Qatar Airways.

How to clarify doubts regarding Qatar Airways COVID guidelines?

If you are still confused about the rules of the airline regarding the pandemic situation, then you can use the forthcoming information to reach the airline and get your doubts cleared.

Comfort, security, and safety is the main priority of Qatar Airways, and they try their best to ensure that the passengers are facilitated with all of them. Even during the pandemic, they have maintained a set of rules for travelers to stop the spread of the virus. If you have any doubt about those rules, you can reach the airline by calling the call center at 028 38273 888, or you can drop a mail at to seek assistance.