Can I get my Allegiant boarding pass on my phone?

Yes, an Allegiant boarding pass can be received on the phone. However, there is a specific condition that has to be fulfilled to receive the digital copy of the Allegiant Air boarding pass on the phone.

  • First, you must complete the online check-in formalities of the scheduled flight.
  • Check-in can be done up to 24 hours to 45 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time.

The check-in information and the other details will be sent to your phone by Allegiant Air, and you can get the boarding pass in the following ways.

On the email: On completion of your check-in formalities, Allegiant Air sends a confirmation email with the boarding pass of your scheduled flight. You can check your email and get the boarding pass and complete information for the flight.

On the Allegiant App: Read the steps below to find the boarding pass easily.

  • Download the Allegiant App on your mobile phone.
  • Sign in to your account with the username and password.
  • Go to my bookings option and find out the latest booking with the booking reference.
  • You can find the boarding pass with the flight number and other details after the check-in procedure are complete.
  • If you wish, a printout can be taken for verification purposes on reaching the airport.

How do I get my Allegiant boarding pass on my phone?

Dial 1-(702) 505-8888/1-805-410-9066 or you have three options, 1. Print your boarding pass through the website (free). 2. Download the Allegiant App to your phone to check in and get your boarding pass (free of charge). 3. If a ticket agent prints a boarding pass, you'll pay a $5 charge per pass (no cash, please).

How do I get my Allegiant boarding pass on my iPhone?

A boarding pass is a mandatory document that mentions every detail of the passenger and the flight. It is needed from the moment you arrive at the airport till the flight boarding for verification. You can very easily get the Allegiant Air boarding pass on the iPhone in the ways mentioned below,

Check the email: iPhone has a feature where you can check emails immediately. After the Allegiant Air check-in for the scheduled flight is done,

  • Go to your registered email address.
  • Find out the recent email sent by Allegiant Air with check-in confirmation along with the boarding pass.

Allegiant Air App: If you download the Allegiant App on your iPhone, the copy of the Allegiant mobile app boarding pass can be retrieved in the given steps,

  • Log in to the account on the app with your email and password.
  • Go to my bookings.
  • Check the check-in confirmation.
  • Find the latest boarding pass issues by Allegiant Air.
  • If you wish, get the printout of the boarding pass.

Does Allegiant do mobile boarding passes?

Yes, the Allegiant Air digital boarding pass can serve the purpose of verification at the airport. It is not necessary to carry a printout of the Allegiant Air boarding pass at the airport. You can do the verification, and other flight requisites with an Allegiant boarding pass online received on the phone.

Enlighten yourself with a few benefits of the mobile boarding pass of Allegiant Air:

  • You can choose seats, priority benefits, and baggage check-in faster with a mobile boarding pass.
  • You can save a lot of time at the airport waiting in the queue to get the boarding pass issued from the Allegiant Air desk.
  • The amount of $5 can be saved that is charged by Allegiant Air for printing boarding passes at the airport.

When can I print the Allegiant boarding pass?

You can get the printout of the boarding pass anytime after the Allegiant Air scheduled flight online check-in is done.

  • If you have done an online check-in that opens 24 hours before the scheduled flight, Allegiant Air will send the boarding pass by email or the app. You can get the printout immediately.
  • If the check-in is done at the airport or Allegiant Air kiosk, the boarding pass will be issued from the airline counter after completing the check-in.

Do you need to print a boarding pass for Allegiant?

No, it is not compulsory to carry a print of the boarding pass of Allegiant Air. You can have the digital copy of the boarding pass sent via email or on the app to do the needful for the security check and other verifications at the airport for boarding the Allegiant Air flight.

Can you print the Allegiant boarding pass at the airport?

Yes, the Allegiant Airlines check-in and boarding pass can be conveniently done at the airport; however, an amount of $5 will be charged on each boarding pass. The airline charges passengers to hand over a print of the boarding pass for their scheduled flights.