Can I change my Allegiant flight for free?

Do you have to make changes to your flight with Allegiant Air due to some unavoidable reasons and are wondering Can I change my Allegiant flight? Yes, you can change your Allegiant flight free of cost if you have included Trip Flex when making the booking. Trip Flex allows you to change your flight up to 1 hour before departure for no additional fees.

How do I contact Allegiant to change my flight?

Dial 1 (702) 505-8888/1-805-410-9066 and request a flight change or visit the Manage Travel section on the app and access your itinerary. Now modify your flight itinerary to the new date/time. Make changes up to 1 hour before scheduled departure with Trip Flex. Without Trip Flex, a change fee of up to $75 per person will apply and no changes are allowed within 7 days of travel.

What is Allegiant's flight change policy?

Like every other airline, there is a flight change policy of Allegiant Air as well. Passengers can change their flights as per the Allegiant flight change policy. The policy is mentioned in the points below. You should read them once to get a better understanding.

  • The airline offers a Trip Flex feature that allows passengers to change their flight up to an hour before the scheduled departure.
  • For passengers who do not have Trip Flex, a flight change fee is charged for changing their flight.
  • A passenger can make a change to his/her flight only once.
  • Passengers are responsible for any changes in prices of services like airfare, hotel booking, etc.
  • Changes to a booked flight can be made online through the website or the mobile application of Allegiant Airlines.
  • A passenger can also make changes to his/her flight free of cost within 24 hours of making the reservation.

How can I change my Allegiant flight?

Now that you have learned about the flight change policy of Allegiant Airlines, you would want to know the flight change process. You can change your flight with Allegiant Air in two ways- online and offline. Both of these methods are discussed in the article. You should read them carefully to understand them better.

Change flight online:

The online method is quite easy and effective as it allows you to go through it at your convenience. The steps to change your Allegiant flight online are mentioned below.

  • You must first go to Allegiant Air's website at
  • You should click the "Manage Trip" tab on the top bar menu on the homepage.
  • You should enter your first and last name and your confirmation code.
  • Click on the "Find my trip" option to get to your flight booking.
  • Below your booking, you can see various options like change flight date, cancel flight, etc. You should click on the "Change flight" option and choose your desired flight.
  • You should make any required payments to complete the process.
  • In the end, you will receive a confirmation email from Allegiant Airlines regarding the changed flight.

The offline process to change flight:

The offline way to change an Allegiant Air flight is to call customer service. People prefer this method because they believe it is safer and more convenient. You should dial the Allegiant Air customer service number 1 (702) 505-8888 or 1-805-410-9066. You should wait for your call to connect. Ensure you have all the required details, like flight ticket number, confirmation code, etc., ready. When the call connects, request the executive to change your flight and provide the details they ask for. You should pay the Allegiant change flight fee and the fare difference between your old and new flights. In the end, you will get a confirmation email from the airline regarding the changed flight.

How much does it cost to change a flight with Allegiant Air?

Passengers may have to change their flight due to any reason. Allegiant Air understands this and allows them to change flights when required. A common question is does Allegiant charge to change flights. The answer to this query is YES. The airline charges a certain fee for changing flights. Every passenger has to pay a flight change fee of 75 USD for changing flights if they do not have a Trip Flex fare. Passengers who have purchased Trip Flex fares do not have to pay any fee for changing their flights with Allegiant Air.