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Avenida Calle 26, Bogota, Colombia

    • Regions
    • Europe, North America, the Caribbean, Central America and South America .
    • Fleet
    • Boeing 767-300 , Boeing 767-200 , Boeing 757-200 , McDonell Douglas MD-83 , Fokker-50 .
    • Major Hubs
    • El Dorado International Airport , José María Córdova Int'l Airport , Ernesto Cortissoz Int'l Airport , Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Int'l Airport , Rafael Nuñez Int'l Airport .
    • Cities Served
    • Colombia El Dorado International Airport (Bogo Jos Mara Córdova International Airport Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport (Barranquilla) Ecuador Mariscal Sucre International Airport (Quito) Joaqu de Olmedo International Airport (Guayaquil) DesKubra DesKubra is Avianca’s commercial division specialized in the design and offer of tourist packages for destinations in Colombia and abroad. At present, Deskubra offers plans to: The Colombian Caribbean (Santa Marta, Cartagena, San Andrea Island) Armenia The interior of Colombia (Bogotá, Cali, Medellia Argentina Chile Chile plus Argentina (Lake crossing) Margarita Island Aruba Florida (Miami and Fort Lauderdale) Panamá Mexico (Mexico City, plus Taxco and Acapulco and plus Puerto Vallarta) Brazil Perú (Lima and Cusco) Spain (Madrid)